Preparation, evaluation and monitoring of projects

ASG has an experienced team of advisers and experts, capable of “shaping” the client’s business idea against the background of financial analysis, risk management and possible liquidity and then of “sewing” it into a long-term planned project /business plan/ that guarantees sustainable results. The ideas of innovative business and diversification of activities are the basis of the modern and rapidly developing European industrial society, a part of which Bulgaria is. Their fulfillment is impossible neither without the development of highly qualified personnel as a booster for successful business nor without pursuance to the main environmental principles, intended to guarantee the survival of the planet and healthy life. All of this is implemented in the opportunities for grants by the EU operational programs. When preparing the clients’ project applications, ASG’s experts rely not only on their experience and good practices, gained through the period, but also on the good understanding of the principles and the objectives for the current decade, set in the EU’s intelligent growth strategy “Europe 2020”, which provides a maximum of high chance for successful unremunerated realisation of their ideas.