Personal and family consultants

ASG offers solutions, related to all aspects of the financial and legal development of personal and family matters. A unique know-how for preservation, increasing and securing the transition of the family wealth and property has been created by us. Our advisers provide integrated family service which covers every aspect in relation with the client’s assets. They also guarantee that the complete long-term strategy is brought into line and coordinated with the personal counsels, trusted advisers, financial institutions (banks), insurance companies, etc. Profound analysis of assets, which should be in compliance with the goals and the specific status of every family, sometimes demands involvement of advisers who represent different areas of knowledge. They are selected according to their professionalism and ability to provide competent consultations in their specific practice area, which could be finance, property, personal security, works of art and art collections, education, medicine, etc. Many successful businessmen and their families face the same problems as the large corporations. Being aware of this, we offer them preservation of assets by risk management method of approach, initially elaborated by our corporate finance experts and then implemented into family consulting, after having proved itself as a best practices model.