Control of arrears – finance and assets

Collection of receivables and proper debt management are ranked among the main conditions for the survival of business nowadays. As a result of delays or complete lack of payments by their business partners, the companies meet problems with their routine expense, which reflects on their business results and leads to worsening of liquidity – a vicious circle of inter-company indebtedness. ASG’s team, which consists of employees who have proven their high effectiveness, is capable of evaluating the status of clients' portfolio content in order to help them achieve optimization of their costs and guarantee them the opportunity of informed choice of procedures and instruments in the different stages of the debt collection process.
Through its partners ASG offers:
• Detailed research and analysis of the financial standing of your debtors, partners and competitors in the same market as yours - drafting of “Financial and Credit Report”.
• Extrajudicial debt collection:
- Extrajudicial debt collection procedures, consisting in execution of periodic phone calls to the indebted persons.
- Extrajudicial debt collection procedures, consisting in an extrajudicial notice intended to make the debtor acquainted with the current status and size of his obligation.
- Extrajudicial debt collection procedures, consisting in visiting the debtor at his home and/or work address, notifying him about the current status and size of his obligations, inviting him to fulfill his obligations and ex-post control.
• Initiation and conduction of claim proceedings until their conclusion with the issuance of writ of execution, imposing of securing and the initiation of a foreclosure procedure. During these court procedures we keep you informed about how they have developed in their different stages.
• Search and identification of indebted persons.
• Search and localization of motor vehicles owned by physical or juridical persons.
• Training and consulting on collection of overdue receivables.